Welcome to the Fresno Environmental Reporting Network (FERN)!

The Fresno Environmental Reporting Network (FERN) brings together Fresno residents and government agencies to solve local issues that threaten the health of community members.

FERN can be used to address concerns about illegal dumping, polluting factories, pesticides, flooding, dust, odors and anything else that affects public health or air and water quality.

If you know which agency to call to report a problem, call them first. But if you're not sure who you should call, reporting the problem with FERN can make sure that the right government agency addresses the problem.

Reporting problems with FERN is quick, easy and anonymous! You can report issues by phone, text, email or online, in English or Spanish, using this website.

If it is an emergency or you need medical assistance, please call 911 immediately!

To find out what's being done about a problem you reported, you can check here or come to the monthly FERN Task Force meeting in Fresno.

Partnering with community members expands and assists the enforcement capacity of local, regional, state and federal agencies by speeding up the detection of problems and providing witness accounts for investigations. Working together is the best way for agencies to fulfill their mandates and to protect community health.

Contact Us

Phone: 510-788-9025
Fax: 415-981-2727
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


FERN is modeled after a successful project, the Imperial Visions Action Network. In the first two years IVAN generated violations leading to $90,000 in penalties.


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